Taylor Fintail is 16 years old, and is a half Werewolf and half Human, and is an Adept Water Mage at the Wizards' Tower. Taylor Fintail is roleplayed by CrowQuil.

All I really did was copy the stuff from his application, copy what his characters face looks like, take a picture of it, and fix all the grammar mistakes I saw.


Taylor is very headstrong and stubborn. He doesn't put much thought into something when is mind is made up especially when it comes to fighting. Taylor prefers to be left alone and do things on his own but will help others when both lives are at risk. 


Taylor's is mostly seen wearing the blue robes of a wizard along with a staff of water.He has crimson red eyes and orange hair with a ponytail. He has a burn mark on the palm of his left hand. 


Taylor was born within Morytania. But his mother had been a druidess from Talvery. His mother was taking Taylor back to Taverly when they were attacked by a group of vampyres. Taylor's mother was able to escape with baby Taylor. Taylor was raised in a small hunting village. Taylor quickly rose through the ranks of the hunting pack. by the age of 9 he had taken the position as the chief hunter's apprentice. His village was attacked by the kinshra knights. taylor was the sole survivor. The kinshra took taylor back to their fortress where he was forced to work in their mines. For 2 years he stayed in that mine. At age 11 taylor escaped to an island off shore. There he found the remains of a tower. within the tower were a number of corpses dressed in purple robes along with a number of books and a stash of runes. Taylor spent the next 3 learning magic on the island. At age 15 he was able to use the magic to call a group of dolphins to pull a raft back to the mainland. Taylor trained his hunting skills as soon as he got back to the mainland and was able to make a sum of money from what he caught.